JENNIFER BELL COMPANY produces radical new music theatre.


The performances sit somewhere between a concert and theatre show, and Jennifer composes vocal pieces that cross stylistic boundaries, influenced by folk, jazz and dance music. Her songs are modern stories, told without acting, by singers with unique voices.


The pieces are often delivered in unconventional locations. We are interested in extending the reach of live performance, and want to integrate with the world around us, so our shows roam outlandishly, from theatre venues, to galleries, to the workplace or bus stop. JBC's current production MOUTHPIECE, started life as a song tour of the Houses of Parliament, about the regular folk who work there.


We also work across platforms and have recently collaborated with film maker Freya Billington on her short film Bread and Butter.


The intention behind all Jennifer's work is to find the redeeming vitues and beauty in all of us, and to celebrate the tricky business of every day living.

"A 'townscape' of unadorned song, delivered here in soaring a cappella"


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